Sex and Weave Pulling


Sex and hair pullingPull it, twist it, bop it, I don’t care. Hair pulling is my shit.

When it’s grabbed with that grip that lets me know that I’d better take that Dee and love every inch of it. The thought alone makes me praise the Lord for such a blessing. I’m an avid believer in rough loving, however there are always a couple of bundles in the way of my hair pulling fun.

Scenario: hair done, deep strokes, flipping it, whipping it, getting mad affectionate *hears thread snap*.

The thought of that snap alone can stop any sexual encounter in its tracks, let’s be honest. That snap lets any woman know it’s time to slow that pace down before your Omarion in B2K braids are revealed.

When it comes to sex a fresh weave or any fresh hairstyle for that matter is a blessing and a curse.

Sex for me is…

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Me Hennessey & You 💋


Can we stay home tonight?
Try something new tonight.
This drink got me feeling right.
I’m ’bout to lose my mind.
U, me and Hennessy look what you did to me.
Fuckin’ so crazy, you twirling and spinning me.
My head keep on spinning… my legs on keep on shaking
But my head keep on spinning. 
I’m out of mind let’s keep on sipping. 
Let’s make some babies and make it official.
I feel you inside, no better feeling. 
I throw it back and you catch my drifting.
You shifting inside, you got me screaming. 
You got me yelling out ya name ooh I need you.
You kiss on my thighs and then you eat it.
Pause for a minute then… I let you beat it.
I’m loving this ride.
Smooth like a Beamer. 
Smooth like that Henny, this what happens when we drinking. 
I’m not gonna lie.
You got me speechless. 
Got 69, more than 25 reasons. 

U, Me & Hennessy, look what you did to me.
I say my head keep on spinning.
Me, Hennessy & U.
Ay, this what happens when we drinking. 
Me, Hennessy & U.

Let It Rain

Morning Wildness ⛅☀
Awakening to the soft heat my lips, slowly caressing your morning rise.🍆 Uttering incoherent sounds as I make another move, rotating my hips in all directions⬆⬇🔄..Slowly gliding💦 loosing up as I’m kissing on your neck & playing with your personals, still Pouncing💥💥 You explode😬Then you soon awake!


What a dream😥;)💭